Attic Exhaust Fans

An attic exhaust fan is a type of machine that is able to pull air through the large parts of the home and to push it up into the attic. While this is not a standard way to heat or cool off the home it is still used in many homes as a way to save and conserve energy. They are mostly used in the warmer climates where the home can become extremely hot during the summer months.

When you try to go into the attic during that time you will notice a dramatic change in temperature. The attic is almost unbearable because it is removing a majority of the warm air from the home. It is also useful at keeping a steady draft coming into the home. Areas with high amounts of humidity have a difficult time making good use of the attic exhaust fan.

These fans first became popular during the late 1950’s and the early 1960’s. Many of the homes being built at this time were designed with attic fans that were built with two main parts; the fan and the vent. The fan was powered by a belt and was mounted inside of the attic. The vent was louvered and was mounted underneath the ceiling. The ideal location for any attic exhaust fan is the central hallway.

It is possible to replace these old and outdated attic fans with something that is more modern and more efficient. These cost between $50 to $250. The higher end units are quieter and much more efficient at removing the hot air from the home and are purchased directly from the dealer. The more affordable units can be purchased at your local home improvement store and easily installed to replace the existing attic exhaust fan.

When you purchase any unit you have to consider the size that is appropriate for your home. It is important to know how large your home is in order to know the size fan that will work best for your home. You also have to consider the climate that you live in. In areas with high humidity these fans may provide little to no relief and may be a waste of money.