Broan Exhaust Fans

Broan is one of the more reliable companies that produces and markets a variety of exhaust fans that are used in the bathroom, kitchen, recreation room, or any other room you need. Though they are not always as popular as Panasonic or Fantech they are still able to deliver you the kitchen exhaust fan that will work efficiently at a price you can afford.

Broan began in 1932 and since that time they have brought forth some of the best and newest fans that we use in homes today. They utilize the various designs and technology that help to create a fan that works for your home and will not suck all of the energy.

Each one of their exhaust fans is produced to remove humidity, tobacco smoke, and odors. The majority of the models are built with aluminum filters, lubricated motors and rugged steel housings. Those that are used in the kitchens or bathrooms can have a painted grill in order to match the home.

The doors are easily opened using the pull chain – which will also help to start the fan. These types of exhaust wall fans are designed to fit walls that are between 4.5 inches to 9.5 inches thick. The fan blades are made using polymeric and the housing is foam insulated. Both of these help to improve the efficiency.

Each exhaust fan will cost between $50 to $400. This does not include the cost for installation or any other parts that you might need. The more expensive models may come available with motion sensor technology that will automatically start the fan and stop it when all of the smoke or moisture has been removed.

Another feature that it might come with is a remote control. The more complex fans use these to help regulate the amount of hot air they are removing. This is especially useful in large warehouses and helps to conserve energy.