Fantech Exhaust Fans

Fantech is one of the leading manufacturers for exhaust fans. Since 1987 they have designed and produced top quality bathroom exhaust fans to improve the air quality inside of the home as well as conserving energy. They have a team of researchers that do what they are able to learn how to build newer and more efficient machines.

They also produce larger exhaust fans that are used for commercial businesses. Each one have a heat recovery and energy recovery system and ventilator as well as a HEPA filtration system. This helps to remove any allergies, mold, dust, and indoor pollutants from the air and push it outside.

The smaller bathroom Fantech exhaust fans are designed with a single grille to help remove moisture and bad odors from the room. These smaller grille fans are installed into the ceiling. The fan is actually in a remote location inside of the home and away from any living area. This helps it to be quiet – but powerful and to protect every part of your home from mold created by steam and moisture.

Fantech also offers a line of kitchen exhaust fans to use in homes and commercial businesses. They understand how to design something that is efficient, safe, and looks great inside of the kitchen. These are offered along with a variety of ventilation systems that make it helpful to use in single family homes, condominiums, or high rise apartments.

While most kitchen exhaust fans are loud and cumbersome the ones from Fantech are designed to be almost silent and help to save you on energy. It removes steam and smoke that is caused when you cook without any grease build up. This helps to make them safer to use and to avoid potential grease fires.

To make the exhaust fan look more appealing when in your kitchen Fantech offers specially made stainless steel hood liners that work well with each model you purchase. Fantech exhaust fans for your home will cost you anywhere between $100 to $300.