Greenheck Exhaust Fans

Greenheck is considered to be a leading manufacturer in exhaust fans as well as other related products and equipment. The company was founded by Bernie and Bob Greenheck in 1947 and since then has grown into a company used around the world. They install exhaust systems and parts for homes, businesses, and large industries. They offer two main types; the sidewall exhaust fan and the sidewall propeller exhaust fan.

Sidewall Exhaust Fans

The sidewall is a direct and belt driven fan that uses backward inclined centrifugal wheels. It uses special motors that are situated on the fan ad out of the airstream. This makes it easy for them to be installed for sidewall applications.

These are built using aluminum fans that are designed to be mounted to the wall. Any air that has been contaminated or contains grease is removed out and away from the building. It is also built with a one piece windband that is welded to the curb cap and has double studded isolators. It has a 70 to 12,500 cfm capacity and costs around $150.

Sidewall Propeller Exhaust Fans

The sidewall propeller also uses direct and belt driven fans that use aluminum, cast aluminum, or fabricated steel. These are ideal for clean air applications where the fan is used to remove odors and contaminated air. They are also available in reversible fans that are built with cast aluminum blades.

These models are designed for homes and smaller businesses. The efficient propeller and venturi motor designs help to keep it quiet and have minimal restriction to airflow. It can be mounted against any wall construction and will fit easily into a 16” by 8” concrete block. It will perform at a capacity of 500 cfm and costs around $150.