Panasonic Exhaust Fans

When choosing the type of ventilation and kitchen exhaust fan you want to use for your home or for your business you have to choose someone that is reliable and trustworthy. This requires you to work through a business that is going to give you the best product for your money’s worth.

Panasonic uses modern technology through the use of vertical manufacturing and a great deal of research. Through this research they will learn what type of designs to use and how to build them so that they work efficiently. They assemble every motor, fan, and any other components that each particular model has to make sure that they are all high quality products.

Their most common and popular product is the new Whisper Green model. This uses a DC motor – which helps to improve the efficiency of the fan and to keep the noise level down. Some of the other popular models are designed with built in speed and delay timer controls as well as a motion sensor. This helps to give you an optimum dual function ventilation system.

To better understand what they offer and what would work best for you and your home or business you must know exactly what they offer. The three various types of models are the continuous, intermittent, and inline. All of these will cost between $80 to $200.


This is one of the more common and is also known as local ventilation. This helps to remove odors and moisture from the room to keep mold and mildew from producing. This is a type of ceiling mounted exhaust fan.


This is also known as the whole house ventilation system. This is used in homes or businesses to improve the air quality. These ceiling mounted fans use special technology to remove dust, mold, and indoor pollutants from your home.


These are the more expensive models that are remote mounted – this means that they are not mounted to the wall. These use between one or more exhaust inlets that branch off from the main duct. These can be either intermittent or continuous.