Window Exhaust Fans

During the summer it can be hard to find relief from the heat without having to push the thermostat up high and waste energy and money. One thing that many of us do not think to use is a window exhaust fan. This unit is designed with an electrically powered fan blade that is able to draw cool air from outside and ventilate it around the hot room.

They are built in such a way that they can easily fit into the open windows and sills using vertical or horizontal extenders to support them. When they are fitted correctly into the window they will provide a system that is airtight and will keep the air circulating as long as it is on.

The unit is usually built with only one fan blade that is able to move in two directions. The first direction will draw air in from outside and bring it into the room to circulate it. The second direction will pull the warm air from the room and push it outside. This is especially useful when someone is smoking or trying to remove odors from the room.

Other models are designed with two controlled fan blades. While some are able to pull the air in from outside most are designed to push the hot air out of the room. This helps to balance out the temperature in the room and to make it more comfortable during all hours of the day. It will use the built in thermostat to decide when it is time to draw in cool air or push hot air out.

Most window exhaust fans will cost around $30 to $100. The more expensive units are designed to act like air conditioning units or large fans. This is more commonly used in the hotter climates when that extra boost of cold air is necessary to keep us from sweating too much in our home.

There are many window exhaust fans that are quite noisy when they work making it hard for us to concentrate on what we are doing. To fix this problem many manufacturers have installed a ‘sleep’ setting. This will reduce the noise when it is turned on all night long.

When installing the fan you need to make sure to follow the directions carefully. Any errors will result in the fan falling out of the window. When you live in a two or three story apartment you run the risk of it falling on top of someone or damaging their property.